Monday, August 13, 2012

The Texas A&M Shooting: 3 Dead

The shooting, for those who know the campus, was at the intersection of George Bush Dr. and Wellborn Rd. (I swear I am not making those names up.) George Bush Dr. is a northeast-southwest street on the eastern border of campus, and the TAMU representative, as quoted by PoliticusUSA from the LA Times said the shooter was "not on campus". The constable, Brian Bachmann, who engaged in gunfire with the alleged perpetrator, was among the slain... as was the alleged shooter himself. From the above-linked CNN article:
The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund noted that the slain constable, Brian Bachmann, is the sixth law enforcement official killed so far this year in Texas.
Six officers dead: six too many. R.I.P., Mr. Bachmann.

The problem with casual accessibility of guns to just about anyone who seeks them, with scant or no background checks, is that, among the many gun enthusiasts wanting to purchase guns for legal uses, there are always a few who are actually nuts, and the wide-open atmosphere regarding the sale of guns in the US means that even such regulations as exist requiring criminal background checks are often not enforced. How many of these mass shootings in the heat of summer could be prevented by stricter enforcement of regulations? We have to at least try: the No Rational Argument lobby assures that no politician is going to attempt a legislative solution even if it complies fully with the Second Amendment. We have to work with the laws we have, not the ones we wish we had. Meanwhile, the roll of the dead grows ever longer...

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