Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Good (If Frightening) Reads From Dean Baker

Rep. Paul Ryan's Far-Right Agenda and The CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare. If you think Congress dances to the voters' tune, you may be in for a nasty shock.


  1. also:

    Paul Ryan's Bad Idea for the Middle East

  2. Paul Ryan – Insider Trading and War on Medicare

  3. Enfant -

    "Promoting free trade, it turns out, reliably leads to more trade. The idea that it improves human rights in the process or makes democracies out of dictatorships is at best inconclusive, and at worst wishful thinking." - FP

    Precisely. As far as those in charge of these male-dominated plutocracies are concerned, two millennia of quashing dissent and executing people for all kinds of things (including sorcery!) has worked just fine, and while they may put on a show to please their US trading partners, they will never... ever... actually change. Democracy is in neither their heritage nor their plans. Republicans from Ryan to G.W. Bush live in a fantasy world if they think they can use trade as either a carrot or a stick to make these nations change.

  4. Enfant - I don't have links at the moment, but a number of Republicans have suggested that insider trading is evidence of intelligence on the part of the individual engaged in it, and that it should be legalized! I'm afraid the GOP has gone quite literally crazy... not that the Dems are doing much better lately.



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