Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Help From The Dem Party... Or No Help From Me

Want My Money?
Move Left, Kick Right!
I was just reading a post on BooMan's site, The Dean Dozen, about the twelve Democratic candidates Democracy For America chooses by member poll and on which DFA focuses its fundraising efforts. The first six candidates have been announced; please follow the link to read the list on BooMan's site. Among the candidates I know anything about, BooMan is rightly enthusiastic. It's a good list.

It's also a manifestation of the attitude of the institutional Democratic Party toward candidates in states it doesn't typically win in these sorry times. The list includes candidates from Hawaii, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, California, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania... six states that face much smaller obstacles to fundraising for, and electing, Democratic candidates than, say, the entire South and much of the Southwest, including Texas.

There is real irony here. The DP ignored Texas for years, just wrote it off, wouldn't help its candidates. Paul Kirk, as DNC chair, nixed a convention in Houston, such was his spite toward us. Howard Dean was, IIRC, the first DNC chair to advocate the all-50-states strategy for the party. That didn't last long, and we're back to watching the DP back candidates that are easy and fun to back because they face fewer obstacles.

That's well and good. But until the DNC, DCCC and DSCC put some muscle and some bucks into my neck of the woods, they will get none of my money. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Just call me a man without a party.


  1. I just got a 'personal' letter from Obozo, complete with a signed photo and a begging letter from the DNC. I left the party during Clinton's second term, but got suckered into voting Obama. I will vote Obama this time too, even though I loath the man and his failed promises. I do it, knowing it is the 'lesser evil' and accept the responsibility for that. I do it for women, seniors, some medical coverage and self interest. The alternative is the blatant establishment of fascism and the end of America as we've always known it.

  2. I'm happy to see that manan trivedi made the list, he's running against my rep (also booman's).

  3. karmanot, I've come to similar conclusions and will vote for Obama on a "lesser evil" basis: too many women's lives depend on Obama's re-election. Whatever havoc Obama wreaks will be on my conscience, but no one asked me who I wanted for a candidate or what I wanted for a policy. We do what we can, and let the rest sort itself out.

  4. 'noz, I'm glad your state reaps the benefits of party (and DFA) attention.

    I admit to feeling rather deserted. Some of us... I include myself... have no choice but to live in Texas; in my condition, I couldn't move if I wanted to. (Hell, moving across town may be impossible for me at this point.)

    But if the Democratic Party really wants to capture and maintain an ongoing majority, it's going to have to deal with the difficult states sooner or later.

    I gave money for years, only to see the DNC etc. do absolutely nothing to help turn Texas blue. We Texas Democrats were... and again are... on our own.

    I'm frustrated, older and a lot more broke now; they can just do without my meager resources.

  5. Voting Conservative:




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