Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dem Primary Runoff Results

The info is straight from Kuff's always informative site. The opinions are mine.

Paul Sadler will be the Democratic candidate for US Senate; Sadler, a former State Rep., defeated a de facto Republican who was likely attempting to monkey-wrench the Democratic primary.

In my congressional district, CD07, a race in which Democrats had an embarrassment of riches, James Cargas defeated Lissa Squiers. Both are worthy candidates; neither has/had much chance of beating John Culberson (a Tom DeLay workalike) in November. Based on Kuff's interview of Squiers, I really hope she stays in politics; I like the sound of her ideas and her clarity of expression. But Cargas is also good news.

In an unexpected but welcome turn of events, Erica Lee will be the Democratic candidate for Harris County Board of Education Trustee position 6 precinct 1. Lee defeated Jarvis Johnson, who is trying to overturn the May primary result in a lawsuit. You may recognize Lee as daughter of US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a connection which is bound to help Erica politically.

Kuff also provides a summary of the Republican primary runoff; the only notable thing I saw was that culture-wars veteran and former congressman Steve Stockman won in CD36. If you want more info on Republicans, please go somewhere else.

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