Friday, August 24, 2012

Mike Konopacki Hits It...

... out of the park with this Rmoney cartoon. Do take a look!


  1. Given the amount of money being spent on bad ads, people should be allowed to sell their votes to the highest bidder, which is what Congress does.

    Of course, if you have a long history of voting in all elections, not just the Presidential election, your vote would be worth more.

  2. Romney Girl:

  3. Bryan - in Texas some years ago, there were allegations of problems with people's selling their votes. That's one reason that you are not legally permitted to take a copy of your completed ballot home with you, because it could be used as evidence of how you voted to collect your payoff.

    As usual with voter fraud, there was no evidence that this was really taking place... who, short of the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson, could afford to pay anyone enough to make it worth their risk?

    But it made a convenient excuse for GOPers who didn't want whistleblowers to be able to document electronic changes to their own ballots; it works really well at that.

  4. Enfant - thanks! That was really well-done, and lifted my mood. That must be one of the most frequently parodied songs in history; I remember some years ago a parody, "Hi-Tech Girl," sung by Lynda Williams, a woman who styles herself "The Physics Chanteuse" and hires herself out at scientific conventions. Great fun!

    OT, I'm sorry I haven't posted on Greece recently. The coming American "election" (if I may call it that, considering how it is being bought) is absorbing all my attention lately. I won't forget you; don't worry!

  5. Enfant, Lynda Lovon (Linda Williams's stage name) also writes serious science commentary on her blog. Here's a sample from her post, "The UN Coverup on the Health FX of Nuclear Radiation", a short history of scientific coverups with an emphasis on Fukushima and Chernobyl.

  6. Oops, I forgot the excerpt! Lovon reports a statement by Chris Busby (a UK nuclear scientist) that "what is most similar between Fukushima and Chernobyl is how much we are being lied to about the seriousness of the consequences. He actually said that Fukushima may be worse because of the high population in the area. "

  7. I have "discovered" it a few days ago, with the footnote that the Swiss people have hated it. And I was not quite sure if I had to upload it, wondering if you would find it of bad taste ...
    Anyway, I waited for the right moment ...

    Do not worry about Greece ... continuing with its Calvary and its usurers ...

  8. Not so OT:

    Obama asks eurozone to keep Greece in until after election day. US officials are worried that if Greece exits the eurozone, it will damage President's election hopes

  9. Enfant, I'm hardly one to judge what is good or bad taste... especially on behalf of the Swiss, who after all are the ones that set up anonymous bank accounts in the first place, if I recall correctly. But in this case, the satire is so undeniably directed at Rmoney that I find it hard to see any actual Swiss grievance. Maybe I'm just insensitive. Or maybe it's just another pain-in-the-(foot).

    Would Greece's exit from the eurozone really materially affect Obama's chances for re-election? I'd be very surprised if that's true, but maybe the Rmoney/Ryan campaign could somehow find fault in Obama for it. Thus far, this has not been a foreign-policy-driven election.

  10. You are correct: Switzerland is the international recipient of stolen property



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