Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogger's Blog List Control Behaves Badly

Blogger has a widget I use to implement the blogroll. To add an entry, you give it a URL and it decides what URL you REALLY want, retrieves the site name and adds the entry. You can edit the name, but the control does not allow you to edit the URL. Ever wonder why Huffington Post isn't on the blogroll here? No offense, but Blogger somehow retrieves a feed, not the site itself. Maybe Blogger's fault; maybe not.

But today's incident is clearly Blogger's fault. I clicked on Firedoglake, which has been on the roll for a long while, and was taken to its Feedburner feed. Without any action on my part, overnight, the link was changed. Deleting the entry, closing and reopening the widget's interface, and re-adding the entry restored the correct link.

This troubles me. Am I going to have to create a manual blogroll in a text control? Is that what it will take to give me some confidence it won't be changed behind my back?

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