Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not Feeling Well

See you in a while.


  1. Take care Steve. I hope you are feeling better soon

  2. Hope ya feeling better soon! We miss you and thinking wellness your way. Peace Mandt & Bodhi Dog

  3. I haz a hdculd but I send you cyberhugs.

    Feel better, Steve.

  4. Thanks, all. You too, ellroon.

    (Testing OpenID on this comment...)

  5. Anybody know where in the vast web of either Google or Blogger I can tell it to use my screen name and/or pic instead of yellowdoggereldemocrat? Truly, the past is monologue...

  6. You have to go through the OpenID web site and the read tutorial about setting up your own OpenID for a separately hosted site, and then add some code, which looks like it might lock things up if you get it wrong.

    As to your general question, if you use the Blogger form of OpenID, you are stuck with the URI prefix as an identity, and it doesn't use gravatars.

    I get stuck with whynowannex because of my Wordpress site.

    I hope you are feeling better. If an extra cat would help, let me know.

  7. curmudgeon cat wants to up the ante -- he will send you 11 extra cats, even if it doesn't help you in any way.

    i don't have anything useful to add about openid either, but i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who's had trouble with it.

  8. Bryan - thanks; that tells me what I need to know... enough to decide it isn't worth it. I want OpenID only to comment on a couple of sites, and it's not worth jeopardizing any working setup to get it.

  9. hipparchia - one elderly cat is quite enough for me, thank you. At least Samantha is not generally the cranky sort.



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