Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three Heds Are Better Than Two

These caught my eye this afternoon...
(You know it's bad when WSJ admits it.)
(How private can it be when ABC News publishes the fact?)
(... in a year or two or ten, when they're through studying the matter...)


  1. That first one really makes me sad. Who would have thought we would come to this 12 years ago or even 5 years ago. I knew the Bush years would be bad but I didn't really see the bottom falling out of the country. My fear is that the numbers will be even higher for 2010. The foreclosure and jobs pictures aren't going to improve for many years and the latest improvement in GDP was a blip and not a trend.

  2. That was inventory restocking and a minor bump from the stimulus package, not an economic trend.

    I see more people going, and finding less available at food banks.

    Rahm handed Sarah Palin the gift of getting righteously outraged with actual facts to back her claim. That is not how you get rid of whackos, but it might be an opening to get rid of Rahm.

    Gays have always served in the military, no matter what John McCain thinks. Just acknowledge reality and move on to important things.



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