Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset... Sunrise, Sunset...

Swiftly flow the cats, ...
One doesn't try to help another, showing the household's full of brats.

(Sorry; some days, cat blogging just doesn't really work. Not my asphalt.)


  1. The classic circle of sleep for cinnamon Sam.

    I have envied cats ability to do that, especially in some of the small apartments, and military barracks in which I have lived. It would be so nice note to take up all that space with a regular bed.

    [The rhyme is there... if not necessarily the reason.]

  2. I was thinkking too that it is the classic repose pose!

  3. Gentlemen, I realize Samantha doesn't owe me anything, but so often, for so many years, she has provided one charming photo op after another that I can't help being disappointed when she doesn't. This is a rare location for her, on her old "Linus blanket" in a chair in the bedroom. For a while, it was a regular napping place. Now, I think her appearance there is evidence of boredom... hers? mine? you decide! :-)



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