Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Birthers Again
This time, it's GOPers in the Arizona legislature. The best response was from commenter jsdc007:
Look, even if Jesus were to come down from the heavens above and produce [the certificate]  for the Republicans, they'd still say its a fake, denounce Jesus, and make Ronald Reagan their new god.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Be Still, My, Um, Heart
Cheney leaves hospital after 'mild' heart attack
Ex-VP experienced chest pains Monday, underwent heart catheterization

Former Vice President Dick Cheney left a Washington hospital on Wednesday following a heart attack he suffered earlier in the week.

Spokesman Peter Long said Cheney was feeling good. "He will resume his normal schedule shortly," Long said of Cheney, who has remained an active player in Republican politics.
Another Republican Governor...
... caught in flagrante delicto. Ho-hum. Republican, thy name is hypocrite.
Some Things Bugger [sic] Belief
The results of this poll leave me drop-jawed:
Poll: Public Thinks Democrats Should Give Something Up For Bipartisanship
Eric Kleefeld | February 24, 2010, 11:16AM

A new CNN poll finds that Americans think both Democrats and Republicans are failing to act in a bipartisan manner -- and that the Democrats should be the first ones to give up some of their proposals.

Among a half-sample of a their larger national poll, CNN found that that only 47% say President Obama is doing enough to cooperate with Republicans in Congress, to 52% who say he is not doing enough. As for the Republicans in Congress, they have an even worse score of only 31%-67%.

Drop-jawed, I tell you. To some extent, the questions render this a sort of push-poll... read the article and see for yourself... but if this is even remotely true, we haven't even begun to fathom the depths of the nightmare we're about to experience.


  1. No point in wishing the end for Cheney. He died years ago, but it is perfectly OK to speak ill of the dead.

  2. mandt, what about the undead, a term that applies more to Dick Cheney than to any of Lon Chaney's characters?

    What I really wish for Dick Cheney is not death but rather utter disgrace in the eyes of the world. But hey, in a pinch, anything that puts him out of a position of influence is fine with me.

  3. Isn't Republican and hypocrite a bit redundant?

    I blame on Bill Clinton making it acceptable to talk about these affairs. No one said anything when Warren Harding had his mistress living in the White House.



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