Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grow Up, Democrats! Rachel's Catalog Of GOP Hypocrisy

Just how relentlessly have GOPers supported policies that they believe are good for the country, then voted in the House and Senate against the relevant bills introduced by the Obama administration? How often have congressional GOPers voted against allocating funds for worthy projects, e.g. through the stimulus, then, as state governors, gleefully and with much fanfare, accepted the money that comes to their states, often effectively claiming the largess as their very own?

If you've got 10 minutes, Rachel Maddow will show you... not every example; 10 minutes isn't nearly enough for that. But I hope you will watch all of what she presents. Then she says, regarding Obama's "bipartisanship," "GROW UP, DEMOCRATS!!"

Nothing... nothing in the world... will ever change the GOP's Lucy-and-the-football attitude, and Charlie Brown may as well adjust his kick a few inches.

Here's Rachel:

(H/T Scarecrow.)

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