Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Most Serious Obstacle To Health Care Reform - UPDATED

I watched about a half hour of the President's meeting on healthcare reform, and came to realize both the seriousness and the depth of the primary obstacle facing its accomplishment:


Yes, for the most part, it IS that simple: people who show all the sympathy and sensitivity to the problems of real working Americans that, say, a drill sergeant shows toward raw recruits are forced to pretend for a few hours that they actually give a damn about someone not in their contributor list. It must be a terrible strain for them.

After a half hour watching that farce, I am more persuaded than ever that nothing good can come of this process.

UPDATE:  No, I didn't watch all of it. I could barely stand to watch any of it. But Jason Rosenbaum's excellent summaries persuade me I was regrettably right: Republicans see this entirely and only in political terms, and the healthcare circumstances of ordinary Americans do not matter one good damn to them. Shame!


  1. I think, while accurate, your statement is incomplete. You should add that Democrats are doing their best to devolve into the same low state of being/

  2. By no means am I defending the Democratic Party or this particular healthcare bill, Fallenmonk. I am just summarizing a behavior I've seen before in groups of Republicans who seem to me to lack empathy altogether.

  3. I agree with FM to this extent: Assholes of and by themselves are marvelous feats of organic engineering. However, what passes through them, known as post- organic or shit in the venacular, is more appropriately 'Republican' in nature. It would be an insult to consider such marvelous engineering with the mere waste it processes.



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