Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Spend (Waste) A Couple Of Hours Enjoyably

If you use Firefox 3.6, select a new persona for your browser chrome. Warning: there are only 30,000+ to choose from. At the moment, I'm using Cosmic Sunrise, but switching to new ones can be downright addictive...

Correction: Cosmic Sunset. You know how it is... sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the personas...


  1. I haven't been upgraded yet, but probably won't change because I am too used to the way things are now. I'm text oriented, so graphics are wasted on me.

  2. Bryan, there are all the usual security reasons for upgrading, and the whole "persona" thing is completely optional.

    Among the now 40,000+ personas, I expected to find one named "persona non grata," but I was disappointed. As little as I want to, I may have to remedy that deficiency.

  3. if you make a persona non grata, let me know and i'll upgrade.

  4. hipparchia, neither of us really wants a tiny image of Dick Cheney staring at us from our browser chrome...

  5. srsly, hipparchia, you'd get into this quickly. Other than available personas, the interface changes to 3.6 are minimal indeed, and it's quick to install. One suggestion: if you're going to use personas, install the Persona Plus add-on before you select personas. It's an annoying little add-on, but it's what they offer. You can also use Tools|Personas if you don't mind being taken to the site to select every time, but THE TWO APPROACHES ARE NOT INTER-COMPATIBLE!

  6. ouch. good point.

    although... since some of the cats help me with blogging by batting at things on the screen, i have to admit that the thought of giant cats taking swipes at a tiny dick cheney holds some appeal.

    ok, you talked me into it. i'll install it the next time that little popup box asks me if i want to upgrade.

  7. hipparchia, there are lots of nice kitty personas...

    It's not that the two methods of selecting personas are truly incompatible; rather, the add-on acts as if it is totally unaware that you used Tools|Personas to choose a half dozen already. Annoyances aside (such as having to set up a Personas account), you're still more likely to change your persona occasionally with the add-on than without.



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