Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pot Stickers

We have vegetable potstickers perhaps twice a month for lunch or dinner. South Carolina appears to encourage the same idea by selling pot stickers, but their pot stickers represent a slightly different vegetable content:
S.C. Drug Tax Stamps Have Little Effect
March 17, 2005
A decade of requiring marijuana dealers to purchase tax stamps to affix to their goods has done little to impact drug use or raise revenues for the state of South Carolina, the Associate Press reported March 14.
The 433 state tax stamps sold since the law went into effect in 1994 were apparently all purchased by collectors; not one was sold to an actual drug dealer, state officials said. Under the law, a tax stamp is supposed to be bought for every gram of illegal drugs sold in the state. Stamps for marijuana cost $3.50; the cocaine sticker costs $200, and stamps for pills cost $2,000. Only the pot stickers have been sold, according the the state Department of Revenue.
Of course, that was five years ago. I'm certain the stickers have since become wildly effective in the intervening five years in preventing illegal drug trafficing... so much so that a South Carolina government agency is about to be instituted, called the Drug Trafficking Getting-The-State's-Share De-pot-ment... (just kidding, of course).

It's time for me to begin preparing lunch. What shall I have? Hmmm... potstickers, perhaps?

(H/T Lisa Derrick.)

1 comment:

  1. This ranks right up there with the SC law that requires Subversives to register and get a permit before they can actively try and overthrow the government. Only in South Carolina.



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