Friday, February 5, 2010

Fire To Warm Our Side

The eminent lefty political blog Firedoglake is running a contest to select members of Congress who have a sufficiently reliable voting record on FDL's signature issues to merit the distinction "FDL Fire Dog." Presumably they'll actively campaign for the Firedogs, and knowing those bloggers, perhaps do some fundraising for them as well. Kudos to them; I consider this a very useful activity: narrowly targeted support for a very small number of liberal members of Congress.

Now for the serious question: is a political ad for a Firedog, paid for by Firedoglake, known as a...

... FIREPLUG?   


  1. I'm sure that the Blue Dogs and Whipped Dogs with be happy to "mark" the Fireplugs. ;)

    I would be a lot happier if Jane had been a bit more "reliable" in some of her personal crusades, especially HCR. She supported some things that showed too much trust in the "powers that be".

    We have been sandbagged by candidates before, so I will hope for success, but not be surprised by turncoats.

  2. Note to self - start using preview, you twit.



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