Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waxing Eloquent In Vegas

Wax models of Oval Office, Obama unveiled in Las Vegas on Presidents Day
AP News

Feb 15, 2010 14:52 EST
A wax museum on the Las Vegas Strip is unveiling a statue of President Barack Obama in a replica of the Oval Office just in time for Presidents Day.
The museum says the Oval Office model is its only replica of the room west of the Mississippi River. It says the model of Obama standing behind his desk with his arms folded cost $300,000.

No expense was spared to capture every element of detail. The Obama replica contains a speaker, enabling it to babble comforting platitudes and needless concessions to Republicans, and a working right arm with which it closes the door in the face of the public and the media while presumably cutting secret deals with industry associations in the replica Oval Office. A craven, cowering wax model of Harry Reid, reportedly in the works, is said to be indistinguishable from the original, and a wax model of Rahm Emanuel will contain animatronics to simulate Grima Wormtongue.  As with every ride in the Washington/Vegas amusement park, visitors pay up front even to step in the door.


  1. Hi, Steve. In this post I find the acid wit of my favorite satirist, Mark Twain.

    OT: how did you manage to get an .org extension while using what appears to be blogger or blogspot?

  2. terrette, it's good to see you. I am still glowing from your compliment... not that I deserve comparison with Mark Twain, but that I admire him beyond my ability to express. I am working my way through a four-foot shelf of his works, which I have reasonable hope will last me all my life.

    As to the blog's URL, it really IS yellowdoggereldemocrat.blogspot.com, and the .org version is for my archived old blog. One can, in fact, publish a Blogger blog to any registered, hosted domain to which one holds the rights, and it's possible that someday I may do that, but for now it's less hassle to publish on Blogger itself, i.e., on blogspot.com . Blogger's documentation on how to publish on a site of your own is pretty thorough, and it isn't that difficult, but remember that your domain registration and hosting fees are your expense if you do it that way.



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