Monday, June 18, 2012

Chart Of Greek Election Results

Thanks to Enfant, we have a pie chart, which she kindly translated into English. If I'm not mistaken, "Conserv." is New Democrats, "G.D." is Golden Dawn (radical rightist). The inner pie shows fractions of votes; the outer ring shows seats in the parliament. In the Greek parliament, the party with the most votes is awarded an additional 50 seats.
Due to serious illness in her family, Enfant may be absent from the threads for a while. We send her our best hopes and prayers in these difficult times.


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  2. What a terrible disappointment! The problem, however is predictable and it is the historic reluctance of invested bourgeois to risk further loss, or by upper middle classes, who don't feel or identify with the suffering of the rest of the population. When the reality of revolution becomes a 'committed' decision, many people back away to protect families and assets. It's all about the money---billions went out of Greece during the pre-election.

  3. Newest German Focus magazine cover(printed only):

    Elections in Greece,
    Thumbs Asshole!

  4. Steve,

    It's all over: she passed this very morning at 5 am (greek time).

    She will be accompanied for incineration in nearby Bulgaria, since orthodox fundamentalist goats do not allow any incinerator in Greece..

  5. Enfant, my sincere condolences on your loss.

    Both my parents were cremated and their ashes are in urns in Our House, mostly because I don't know where to bury them. They expressed their wish to be cremated, but they gave no hint to what spot on Earth they were attached enough to want to be buried. I am sorry to hear there is a religious proscription against cremation in Greece; it seems to me a very civilized, respectful and decent way to treat the dead.

    Again, my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family.



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