Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salad Days, With Fruit Flies

Our salad bar of record had a bad night last night, at least in our opinion. The food was not especially fresh, and... this was the worst of it... there were fruit flies hovering around the part of the bar that serves, um, fruit. This happened to another favorite salad bar of ours decades ago, and they eventually shut it down, whether because of the fruit flies or because the business was unprofitable, I don't know. I hope they can clear the flies out of this one; I'd hate to lose it because it's one of the few places I can still afford to dine out.

Anyway, all those many years ago, when it happened before, I scribbled the following bit of doggerel on the back of the ticket and handed it to the manager...

Flies in the Face
of Raisins

All your fruit flies share one bond:
Of your fruit they're passing fond!
Who am I to criticize
That which pleases all those flies?

- Steve Bates

Regrettably, it did not get me a free meal. Or even a smile.


  1. Thanks, karmanot... the smile, at long last!

  2. I'm feeling a lot better Steve....on the mend. It will take awhile. But know that for you and household there is always a smile. "Flies in the face of raisins" is hilarious!

  3. Thanks, karmanot. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Thank you, Mad! I think the pun in the title is better than the verse.



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