Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Other Career Option

Via Atrios, we learn at philly.com Sports that "Roger Clemens [was] acquitted on all charges". The jury found that Clemens did not lie to Congress in either his deposition or his public testimony regarding his alleged performance-enhancing drug use. The jury neither was asked nor offered a verdict on Congress's asinine use of taxpayers' money in pursuit of a five-year investigation into Clemens's actions.

I am reminded of the time I went to my doctor and he offered me, for good and sufficient medical reasons, a series of injections of a medicine similar to those performance-enhancing drugs. "Now Steve," he intoned seriously, "you realize that this injection will disqualify you from participation in the Olympics."

He waited a mere two seconds for that to sink in, then resumed: "But it may qualify you for a career in Major League Baseball."

There's a reason I choose that doctor among the vast number of primary care providers available to a Houstonian.

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