Sunday, June 24, 2012

GMO Grass Near Elgin, TX Apparently Kills Cattle

ellroon has the basics, and a link to an article with details. The GM grass, Tifton 85, is a "scientifically modified" (?!) hybrid of a hybrid, in use since 1992, but suddenly, on a number of farms in central Texas, it apparently started generating cyanide. Cyanide, f'chrissake! Sixteen of eighteen cattle on one ranch died; other farms showed traces of cyanide but no deaths.

I've driven through the countryside surrounding Elgin, TX. There is nothing even remotely strange about the farmland there; it looks like any other central Texas farmland, and I've never seen it glow in the dark. But... Jeebus on a crutch... cyanide?

If you've been thinking of writing your member of Congress about labeling foods that contain GMOs, or labeling meat or milk from animals have been fed on plants with genetic modifications, now might be a good time.


  1. Does this mean the meat/milk/leather from those cows could be contaminated with cyanide? Should we expect more excitement down the line?...


  2. ellroon, I'm not a chemist; I don't know the answers to those questions. But someone surely does, and that someone should be a part of the legal team when the case is tried.

  3. Makes me want to run out to Fast-Food-Mart, order a prion burger and wash it down with bottled Mercury water.

  4. Yikes! That is really scary and disturbing!

  5. Mad - most things that will kill cattle would kill people if ingested. I doubt if the cyanide makes it all the way to your dinner table, but the whole business makes me distinctly uneasy. I'm glad I'm a sprout-eater!

    I suppose it's possible the cyanide has nothing to do with the "enhanced" grass, but that does seem to be the reasonable place to look first.



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