Friday, June 8, 2012

Racing Neutrinos - Since I Started This...

... I may as well finish it. From ScienceDaily news:
ScienceDaily (June 8, 2012) — At the 25th International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics in Kyoto today (June 8, 2012), CERN Research Director Sergio Bertolucci presented results on the time of flight of neutrinos from CERN to the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory on behalf of four experiments situated at Gran Sasso. The four, Borexino, ICARUS, LVD and OPERA all measure a neutrino time of flight consistent with the speed of light.

This is at odds with a measurement that the OPERA collaboration put up for scrutiny last September, indicating that the original OPERA measurement can be attributed to a faulty element of the experiment’s fibre optic timing system.

“Although this result isn’t as exciting as some would have liked,” said Bertolucci, “it is what we all expected deep down." ...


Yes, it damned surely is. As is so often the case, and contrary to a popular misconception, a well-established theory usually trumps an anomalous new experimental result, not the other way around, upon thorough examination. In other words... you won't get very far by betting against Mr. Einstein!

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  1. Shame this dream faded. Still there's always next time



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