Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Will Walker Face Fate Worse Than Recall?

upyernoz points to a post on Cognitive Dissidence reminding us that Scott Walker's troubles may not end with his survival of the recall. Here's Capper, quoting a post by David Shuster of Take Action News back on June 2:
According to government lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a "target" of the investigation.

The legal sources, who are not involved in Wisconsin's recall, spoke on condition of anonymity. They said Walker faces "serious legal challenges," including "a possible indictment," regardless of the election results on Tuesday.

The sources indicate Walker's status was clarified more than a week ago, allegedly following a series of requests by Walker's legal team that prosecutors publicly clear him of any wrong doing before the recall election. Take Action News reached out to Governor Walker's spokesperson for comment on this story and received no response.
I wonder about Wisconsin law: can Walker govern from prison?

UPDATE: Here's more info from the same post by Capper:
Walker, even as recently as Saturday, has denied that he is the target of any investigation and that his "high level of integrity" will be apparent when he is cleared. But that's not quite true. In fact, it's a pretty galling lie.

There is a code that US Attorneys follow that requires them to provide a letter to a person stating that they are not the target of their investigation. And word is, like they're supposed to, Walker's attorneys have been asking for such a letter for weeks. And if Walker had such a letter, he would be free to produce it and remove any doubt about his innocence once and for all.

But Walker has produced no such letter, basically because none exists.

Likewise, if Walker had done nothing wrong, he would not be required to withhold any of the 1,400+ emails that were found on the secret router. He could easily release those emails and clear his good name. But he consistently refuses to, saying that he can't, per the DA. We already know the only way he couldn't is if he had to appear before Judge Nettesheim and testified about his emails.
It certainly sounds as if something is going on...

AFTERTHOUGHT: of course, the Walker backers (hmm... "you dirty Walkerbackers!") could always buy a judge or two...


  1. Were he indicted, that would turn his Tuesday win into a pryrric victory, and how lovely that would be!

  2. Maybe, Mad; maybe not... what is Wisconsin's law regarding holding office while guilty of a felony? It sounds like something Texas would allow... :-)



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