Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Kind Of Economics Did You Say?

From Paul Krugman, in a post about his own inefficacy in deflecting the current horrible turn in economic policy both in the US and in Europe despite his having been right about almost every aspect of it:
Meanwhile, Ed Balls — who I gather was nearly forced out of a leadership position by the Very Serious members of the Labour Party — has been right all along, and now has a great term for the failed policy prescription: since it was advocated by Cameron, Merkel, and Sarkozy, he calls it “Camerkozy” economics. Well done.
Well done indeed!


  1. It amazes me that Merkel, a chemist by training, and conditioned as a youth under the stazi and influenced by the failed Communist policies of central planning should be accepted as an authority on economics.

  2. It amazes me, karmanot, that as a conservative German, Merkel could be accepted as a leader in international public morality. The Germans don't exactly have a sterling record in that department in the last century.

  3. Not bad, Camerkozy is like Kamikaze, except with the economy instead of an aircraft.

    I like it.

  4. To the tune of "One pair of arms...": "One kind of crash is like another..."



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