Friday, June 15, 2012

Unemployment In The Developed World: Business Insider Slideshow

Business Insider presents basic data on unemployment in 34 countries and two regions around the world. The slideshow contains pretty pictures, but the unemployment situation overall is not a pretty picture. Young people are particularly at risk of joblessness, and the numbers in Greece are painful to contemplate.

Most of this is preventable, but of course high unemployment benefits the obscenely wealthy, so action on the problem is liable to be slow. Pressure may or may not help. Still, wherever you are in the world, ask yourself this question: Have I hugged my child kicked my bankster today?

(H/T Enfant.)


  1. Jesus the figures for Greece are grim. Ireland isn't an awful lot better

  2. Steve,

    And these are just the official figures.
    But every engineer, doctor, lawyer etc ever 'affiliated' to his professional association, together with self-employed people, are never recorded in official statistics, alike the 2,500 people who committed suicide only the last 2 years.

  3. Against all odds: Democracy vs technocrats in Greece

  4. jams - it's been bad enough for me, an old fart with a moderately successful career behind him, to tolerate unemployment as a member of a work-obsessed Western society. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be, say, 19 years old and looking for one's first job. That can't be good for one's fragile young ego, not to mention one's social life!

  5. Enfant - I am one of those uncounted workers, self-employed, not permitted to apply for unemployment benefits when I have no work. That was tolerable when I was younger and the economy provided me steady freelance work almost all the time. Right now, most of the independent contract IT professionals I know are struggling to one degree or another, and that's despite the fact that within the US, Houston is a relatively good place to find work.

  6. Europe’s Financial Elites to Greece: Drop Dead

  7. 11TH HOUR SURPRISE: Greeks Livid Over Incendiary Letter In German Newspaper.
    "..which basically says: Dear Greeks, who you choose tomorrow is your choice, but it's us Germans who keep your ATMs filled with Euros, so be careful which clown you pick .."

  8. Enfant, I wish the very best of luck to you and to Greeks everywhere for a satisfactory result tomorrow... satisfactory to Greece, and fuck the Germans and their wishes in the matter!

    I hate to say it, because German is my only language other than English, and I have had quite a bit to do with the history of German music in the 17th and 18th centuries, but in this last hundred years or so, Germany and its people have been a threat to democracy in other nations at least twice, and it appears that they may be so again. Again, I hope for the best for you!

  9. Golden Dawn threatens hospital raids against immigrants in Greece:

  10. The Incredible Collapse Of The Athens Stock Market (as compared to DOE, 1929):



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