Saturday, September 1, 2012

An Astonishing Lapse: Rmoney's Moment Of Truth


I suppose we should not be surprised. It is bound to be wearying to speak platitudes one doesn't believe, day after day, concealing one's true beliefs in pursuit of a dishonorable, self-centered goal. Sooner or later, the truth will out. Here, from Raw Story (H/T Enfant) is Rmoney's unintended "moment of truth":

... Romney’s own understanding of the presidential role has never been entirely clear,

He may, however, have accidentally let his beliefs slip out at a campaign event in Florida on Friday, when he referred to the United States as a “company.”

U-S-A! U-S-A! ...
“[Obama] didn’t know what it takes to actually make the economy work,” Romney told his audience. “Paul Ryan and I understand how the economy works, we understand how Washington works, we will reach across the aisle and find good people who like us, want to make sure this company deals with its challenges. We’ll get America on track again.”

Romney hesitated slightly after the word “company,” as if he was vaguely aware he might have used the wrong word, but then plowed on without correcting himself.

In his own mind, Rmoney has never left the executive offices of Bain Capital. And the USA is a "company" in a vulnerable position, and therefore to be bought, tapped, sucked dry and discarded. You've known it all along, but it is chilling to hear Rmoney say it aloud himself, in public.

I wonder if the rank-and-file Republican faithful have known it. I suspect that, if so, their faith will protect them from believing the simple truth of the statement, despite the fact that it is right there on video. Faith conquers all... including truth.


  1. rMoney's new plane (Holly Bailey/Yahoo):
    and (with horse)
    also, 30 August 2012

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  3. The rank and file of the Republican Party probably don't know what 'fascism' means, but their corporate masters do and it's just fine with them.



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