Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Rmoney And Monsanto: With A Combination Like That, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Palmer's pigweed,
ellroon points us to an article by Mother Jones's food/ag writer, Tom Philpott. Philpott tells a story of Rmoney, Bain, Monsanto, greed, criminal dumping of toxic chemicals, and superweeds that are Roundup™‑Ready™‑Resistant(™?). Go ahead and read it; it will make you want to switch to exclusively organically grown produce... that is, if you can find any in this GMO-polluted world...
UPDATE: Enfant, in comments, led me to several related articles. Here are two that I consider well worth your time:
The harder you look, the deeper the evil that Mittens represents.

AFTERTHOUGHT: in comparing available ag processes for producing food, I cannot say unequivocally that conventional agriculture (using chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizer) is wholly bad. I eat a certain amount of conventionally grown produce, either because a similar organically grown item is too expensive or is not grown within, say, 100 miles of Houston. (Search for "locavore" for more info on eating locally grown produce... you'll be glad you did.) But I am altogether NOT forgiving of genetically modified organisms (GM or GMO): they have the potential to be hazardous to your health and to the very practices of agriculture that the world's livelihood depends on. When the information is available... and since the presidency of GeeDubya Bush, it has NOT always been required on labels... I avoid GMOs at all costs. Maybe you should, too. Do your own research. Think it over.


  1. Romney And Bain Boosted Agriculture Giant Monsanto In Spite Of Toxic Past

    Mitt Romney & the Monsanto connection, Published on Mar 16, 2012

  2. Enfant, that may have been the single most confusing video I've ever seen! :-) On the other hand, the ThinkProgress article was well worthwhile; thanks for the link.

  3. BTW, Enfant, be sure to read the linked article in The Nation.

  4. I've encountered conservatives who offer the Obama administration's association with Monsanto as an argument for why they are the greater evil. I already knew Republicans have accepted tons of lobbyist $ from Monsanto, but this just further smashes their argument.

  5. French study finds tumors in rats fed GM corn(Reuters)

  6. Monsanto Corn Study In France Finds Tumors And Organ Damage In Rats (almost identical)

  7. France orders probe after rat study links GM corn(NK603) made by US agribusiness giant Monsanto to cancer

  8. Ah so Mitt is an early GM experiment that is tact resistant, tax resistant and poor resistant,

  9. jams, Enfant -

    I think Mitt must be one of the rats in the experiment Enfant references last. And yes, he is all those things you listed. :-P

  10. The Truth Behind the Romney “Gaffe”

    "....In fact, Romney represents a different class of dependents. Large banks. Financial institutions on the dole. Monied elites who live off cheap credit and infinite liquidity courtesy of the central bank.

    Either way, the rest of us get looted. The election is about who controls that margin of loot that remains after the autopilot spending administered by the permanent class of bureaucrats is finished doling out its entitlements left and right.

    In a way, I feel sorry for the bourgeoisie gathered in that small room to hear Romney’s talk. He wanted their money — a payment in exchange for his promise to protect their wealth from the grasping hoards. But he still wanted their money. Whether he will actually do this is another matter. And why should they have to pay at all?..."

  11. Enfant - I'd like to see some of those "entitlements left..." the author mentions: I don't know of any!

    I reject totally the Republican connotation of the word "entitlement" as "something 'you people' are not entitled to." I am damned well entitled to a decent retirement. I paid into Social Security and Medicare all the working years of my life. It's not as if American workers are getting something for nothing... but that is the constant implication, made more explicit than ever by Rmoney, of the GOP. It is, simply, a baldfaced lie.

    Once more, and with feeling: Social Security is a contract across generations. I paid for my parents' generation in their retirement and last illnesses. Young workers are, IMHO, obligated to pay for mine, and their children for theirs, and so on, for as long as the country lasts. (Not very long, if it goes on like this.) Again: I AM NOT GETTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING! And neither is any other old person, disabled person no longer able to work, etc. etc. I am fucking tired of hearing that particular Republican damned LIE!



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