Monday, September 10, 2012

Foot Notes And Bank Notes

You like my puns? No, don't answer that...

My doc called this weekend to inform me that they've identified the infection in my foot. It's a combination of two fairly common agents, and the culture (don't ever say I have no culture!) shows just what antibiotic should deal with those bugs. The ones I'm on seem to me to be helping, but I'll see the doc Tuesday morning to give him a chance to look at the foot before he prescribes. Maybe I can keep my foot after all.

My latest glance at my online banking reminds me of how, ah, "senior-minded" I've become. Despite best efforts, I could not convince myself that a payment had been credited to a card account, so for the first time ever I engaged in one of those online chat services the banks brag about. I was soon shown the error of my ways. Banks don't lose or misapply payments of fifty bucks or so. Multiple billions of taxpayer money are another matter...


  1. C'mon Stevens foot! You can do it! It's always nice to leave with the parts you came in with....

  2. I'm going to jump up and down on my auto-correcting tablet... which I was using without my glasses..

    It wouldn't let me type a variation on the quote 'You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You' and kept on correcting the word 'brung'. I didn't catch the fact I changed your name, too. So I will figure out how to turn off the auto-correct... and start wearing my glasses.

  3. You'll always have a foot forward in our minds Steve. Good healing friend---sounds like good news.

  4. ellroon, for what it's worth, I once knew a guy whose family name was Stevens. My legal first name, however, is Stephen, not Steven. Thanks for the good wishes!

  5. karmanot, I can only hope it's good news. Time will tell.



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