Saturday, September 15, 2012

House GOPers Inadvertently Vote To End Welfare-To-Work Requirements

There are many differences between Republicans of my youth and today's ranting radicals, so I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, given their recklessness, that one thing today's GOPers lack is caution... and apparently intelligence. Here's TPM's Brian Beutler:

The bill — sponsored by Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Joseph J. Heck, (R-NV), and Buck McKeon (R-CA) and called the Workforce Investment Improvement Act — would allow states to lump moneys from state-federal employment and training programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, into a single fund. But by doing so, it could essentially nullify federal eligibility requirements for those programs, according to the Congressional Research Service, the nonpartisan analysis arm of Congress which reviewed the bill.

Long ago in an earlier lifetime, I knew someone who worked for CRS. They take their job very seriously: they make every effort to get their facts right, their legal opinions right, their numbers right, etc., etc., with no partisan bias. If they say the bill would strip welfare‑to‑work requirements, you can pretty much depend on it: the bill would strip welfare‑to‑work requirements.

If you recall, that is exactly what they've been falsely accusing Obama of doing: gutting welfare‑to‑work.

I remember a cartoon early in the 2003 Iraq war in which GeeDubya Bush is complaining that he just can't get enough intelligence. Actually, the problem seems to afflict the whole blessed GOP.


  1. All you have to note is that Virginia Foxx's name is associated with the bill to know it is seriously flawed.

  2. Ditto what FM said. That woman has less intelligence than an amoeba. Worse, she is the Republican's front woman on education. She was the one quoted as saying that school lunch programs should be eliminated because hungry children work harder and then suggested they get part time jobs at McDonald's, because there they get free lunches.

  3. All - I'm just amused that there's actually a GOPer representative named "Heck" ... old jokes about Southern Baptist kids saying that their non-Baptist friends are "darned to eternal Heck" come to mind!



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