Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Clear To Me...

... that running a government like a business... a "country" like a "company" ... is a terrible idea.

A business (at least a corporation) has one overarching legal obligation: make a profit for its shareholders. Most corporate executives, and Rmoney is no exception, interpret that mandate as "no matter what it takes to do that, no matter who gets hurt, no matter, period."

A government has a mission almost opposite to that of a corporation. The government's obligation is to all the people of the nation: to level the playing field, to enforce fair play to the extent possible, and to see to it that no one is unduly harmed just because of their station in life.

Il Duce?
A hardcore, hard-hitting "capitalist" background (apologies to the capitalists I know who do NOT pursue their businesses with no-holds-barred abandon) is exactly the WRONG background for a President of the United States. Rmoney is living proof. Running a government like a business is not too far from Mussolini's definition of FASCISM... briefly, corporatism. Does Rmoney want to claim Il Duce's mantle?

1 comment:

  1. Actually, "running government like a business" = "SOCIALISM!!!!".

    It is the ultimate in corporate take-overs, taking over everything and then dictating costs and prices. A single conglomerate that controls everything and eliminates all of its competition.

    If they were really capitalists they would understand this. They would also understand why you don't run government as a business with 300+ million shareholders.



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