Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthers And Birchers And Prayers, Oh My

Did you think that Red-baiting was soooo mid-twentieth-century? Did you think that "terrorist" is the new "Communist" as an epithet to hurl at someone you don't like? Did you think the John Birch Society (or perhaps this is a better link) no longer existed?

Think again. The chair of the Alabama GOP has not only turned birther, he is asserting that Obama's upbringing as a Communist has been "verified." I used to think that word meant "confirmed as being true," but like so many other words in GOP newspeak, apparently that's not what it means anymore... at least not to an Alabama Republican still living in the mid-twentieth century.

There's no warrior like an old warrior, and there's no old warrior like an old cold warrior. They say ignorance is bliss: I say ignorance is Republican.

(Steve wanders away, humming "If mommy is a commie, you gotta turn her in...")


  1. Most Alabama Republicans still living knew Fred Flntstone personally.

  2. ... and Fred wouldn't admit to knowing them!



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