Saturday, September 22, 2012

That Explains It All

On his IRS Form 1040 for 2011, Mitt Rmoney (actually, his tax preparer) filled in the blank labeled "Foreign country name" with "USA". (Click through for an image.) Several professional tax preparers confirmed to US News Washington Whispers blog that for a US citizen, the blank should be left blank. But hey, it's pretty obvious from his "47%" remarks that Rmoney is not from the same country as a lot of us...

I only wish there had been a blank labeled "Planet" ... I'd give a lot to see how Rmoney would fill in that one!

(H/T TPM.)


  1. Mitty is confusing the USA with Kolob.

  2. Steve,
    Here is a picture in even higher analysis

  3. rMoney Cartoons:

  4. karmanot - more likely "Bollocks"!

  5. Enfant - thanks... your first link is to the same graphic found at the link from my post to US News.

  6. Enfant - thanks for all the cartoons! I just came across the one captioned "Moving forward in the RomneyMobile" and was reminded of an old standard political joke in America: to make your car move forward, shift it to "D", because shifting it to "R" only moves it in reverse!

  7. These days, Steve, the car will only make right turns in "D" or "R" ... ;)

  8. Bryan, that's almost... but not quite... correct. The origin point of the car's travel has somehow been moved to the right, so that even if the car turns to the left, there's a long way to go (in D or R) before it gets to anything resembling the center line.

    I do not believe the two parties are exactly equivalent evils, even in this sad era. There is a lesser evil, and with painful reservations about possible consequences, I shall vote for it. The one fact that remains unchanged is that the next prez will, with certainty, be D or R. I think it is important, for reasons such as women's rights and Supreme Court appointments, that he not be R. So it's D for me.

  9. GOP OWES ME MONEY !!!(Neckface)

  10. "GOP OWES ME MONEY..."

    "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls... tenement halls..." (S&G)



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