Friday, September 21, 2012

Extra! Extra! Mitt Rmoney Dyed! (Sic. Sick...)

Mitt Rmoney dyed or artificially tanned his skin to appeal to Latino voters! Actually, at this point, that's a bit of a strong statement. The original source of the rumor is a thread on Democratic Underground, a site not noted for its moderation (that's a compliment, mind you!), showing several pairs of pics of Mittens with different skin tones. Maybe he spent a day with John Boehner and both of them overdid the tanning booth experience.

In any case, don't forget what a hidden camera captured recently when Rmoney said, "it would be helpful to be Latino" And voila! now, sometimes, he's Latino!

Sorry, Mittens: Hispanic voters are not stupid. As I grew up in Texas, I've been around Hispanic-American citizens all my life. Theirs is a culture indisputably dedicated to hard work, diligent study, analytical thinking, commitment to family and faith, and (specifically Hispanic-Americans) commitment to country. By and large, they don't care what color your face is, only what's in your heart. And I think you've made that clear, Mr. Rmoney, and a majority of them don't like what they see, any better than I do.

ADDED: I just noticed... in the comment thread of the first link above, Attaturk offers, "He is the Juan Percent." Groooaaaannn!

OOPS: H/T Enfant, in comments. Sorry, Enfant!


  1. I couldn't agree more with that last paragraph in complement to Hispanics ---legal or illegal. My experience as a one time employer, neighbor and friend knows the Hispanic community to be a great asset to the state of California and the nation.

  2. Oops; sorry, Enfant. Duly corrected!

  3. GOPers and Poverty

  4. Too true, Enfant. I once held a conversation with a housemate's father, a physician who was a hardcore Republican; he accused me of saying that Republicans took food from the mouths of babes, and I told him yes, that was indeed what I said. I have seen nothing in the intervening 30 years to persuade me otherwise.



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