Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Walls May Be Falling On The Rmoney Campaign

Perhaps it is too soon for such an assessment, but I don't think so: the videos are one of several outright gifts Rmoney has made to the Obama campaign recently. And the polls are starting to show it. At this point, there can't be all that many undecideds left to claim by either candidate. And Obama's lead is not small.

Josh Marshall sums up the reaction to, as Rmoney calls them, his "off the cuff" remarks (if I need to wash under my arms, Rmoney needs to launder his shirt). Marshall is responding to comments by Jon Chait:
Like Chait, I found Romney’s comments genuinely shocking. I thought this was caricature Mitt Romney, the born-to-privilege millionaire who holds average working people in contempt as hopeless losers driven to suck money [from] productive people like Mitt Romney. But this is actually the real Mitt Romney. The best case for him is that he was just pandering to this wealthy crowd and doesn’t really believe this either. But that seems like a stretch.
When you have to walk back your comments as "off the cuff" for the general public, but nonetheless double down on the content of your remarks for your wealthy backers, surely even if you're Rmoney... not the brightest bulb on the string... you know you're in trouble.

Next: watch for the Rmoney campaign to fabricate from whole cloth a variety of Obama‑related scandals: 
  • "Obama caught in bed with 2008 Obama Girl!!!" 
  • "Obama found to be stealing cookies from Girl Scouts!!1!!1!" 
  • "Obama, a proven Muslim, missed attending a Christian church three times last month!!!" 
And so on.


  1. Romney's Remarks Reveal A Fatal Flaw Of Today's Republican Party


  2. I daresay that the Republicans will be shoveling the muck extra to cover for Romney's balls up

  3. A Nazi by any other name. With Romney in charge America can kiss its34 democracy ass goodbye.

  4. don't know from where that 34 came?



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