Thursday, September 6, 2012


... can still speak. Like a dream. And as Benjy Sarlin of TPM put it, Clinton claimed Barack Obama as his rightful heir (not Mitt Rmoney, who has been playing the speak-about-famous-Democrats game occasionally lately).

Clinton, in his signature Arkansas accent (which reminds me of my late father, himself from small-town Arkansas), was, as usual, unafraid to call it the way he sees it. He sees himself and Obama as political soul-mates, and I agree: both are what we used to call New Democrats; both are rather too conservative for my taste; both are (on social issues) worlds better as human beings than anyone Republicans are offering on their slate this year... better, especially, than Weaselly Mitt and Prevaricating Paul.

Clinton, of course, spoke much longer than his scheduled time. He always does. A person who is good at talking inevitably likes to talk a lot.

Josh Marshall quotes Republican strategist and CNN pundit Alex Castellanos: “This convention is done. This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama.” Well, actually, there is still the small matter of Obama's acceptance speech, and a doubtless bloody two months of mortal combat campaigning, and the suppression or theft of literally millions of votes by the GOP... but except for that, it's all done, right? right?


  1. Billo laid it out very clearly for Obozo: drill baby drill, cut Medicare/Medicare/Social Security and call it Simpson Bowls, continue military adventures, austerity, further cut welfare. etc.....all together, brilliant, impassioned fascist speechifying.

  2. karmanot, I am less concerned with whether I like a candidate or his supporters... I almost never do... than with which candidate's election, in a purely relative comparison, will impact the nation more positively. As noted in the post, neither Bill Clinton nor Barack Obama is my kind of Democrat. But Clinton presided over the last good times for the American middle class, which gives him some credibility, political philosophy aside. We go to "war" with the candidates we have, not the candidates we wish we had. Obama, with his many failings, is available to us, and his realistic alternative is Rmoney. Hence I shall vote for Mr. O, warts and all.



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