Monday, September 24, 2012

Try Monsanto Tumor-Ready™ Corn... Thousands Of Rats Can't Be Wrong!

Once more there's something for foodies to think about when we shop. Via ellroon, from Truth-Out, French Study Finds Tumors and Organ Damage in Rats Fed Monsanto Corn. California has a ballot proposition, Prop. 37 (which Monsanto is fighting), that would require labels on genetically engineered foods. Texas has... um, the corn in stores looks pitiful here this year anyway; I haven't had any this season.

Welcome, Americans, to the new, genetically enhanced version of that old game show, You Bet Your Life! Look: I don't have time or resources to present a fully researched article on GM crop failures, development of pesticide-resistant insects, development of super-weeds, undesired cross-pollination of non-GMO crops by nearby GMO crops, and now... apparently... the emergence of tumor-inducing agents in the GMO food crops themselves or the associated GMO pesticides/weedkillers/etc. But the information is out there to anyone conversant with Google search.

We can either meet the undeniably hostile lawsuit-driven forcible introduction of this company's increasingly clearly dangerous products head-on, or we can watch every other variety of the same plant become hybridized with potentially pathological genetic modifications. All agriculture is in danger. Ask your grocer to carry known organic produce. If they are unwilling to go that far, ask them at least to avoid carrying unlabeled genetically engineered produce. And if you're alive next year, remember to ask them again, because the GMO demons never go away.


  1. Seeds of Suicide (22nd November 2008)

    Mr. J.-M. Barroso & GMO (29th July 2009)

    Please try "translate"

  2. Enfant, thanks for the two posts. It looks as if parts of Europe and much of Africa still have a chance to avoid being overwhelmed with GMO crops. What happened and is happening in India is a tragedy. What will happen in the US, with high probability I think, is also a tragedy.

    It seems there is a race between global climate change and GMOs to see which will kill us all first. And the political process gives no real relief, at least in the US.

  3. Then there is the concept that mutant corn is made into fructose, which is put into thousands of commercial foods.

  4. karmanot, I suspect the process that turns corn into HFCS largely destroys any genetic content. But you're certainly right about HFCS. I avoid it when possible. Down here, we can get Coke bottled in Mexico in a few local grocery stores; they use old-fashioned sugar as the sweetener. But you have to take the trouble to find them, and they do cost more.



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