Friday, September 28, 2012

Not Conservative Enough?

Paul Krugman highlights the surprising context in which we enter the last few weeks before the presidential election, comparing conventional wisdom with the facts on the ground ("... the Republicans appear to be in a shambles — while the Democrats seem incredibly united, and increasingly, dare I say it, enthusiastic") and the astonishing poll numbers in literally every major poll except Rasmussen. Krugman attributes the status and direction to the GOP's insistence on an ideology-driven election (in which Democrats are less strident about social issues but surely better aligned with moderate Americans than increasingly extreme Republicans) and possibly to Obamacare, which at least in theory will result in 50 million more Americans with medical coverage than if it had not passed. His conclusion, somewhat of a surprise, is a welcome thought to any American with "the conscience of a liberal":
All of this in turn has an implication that Republicans won’t like — assuming that Rasmussen doesn’t have a special insight into the truth denied to all other pollsters, and that Obama does in fact win with a solid margin. The right is already set up to blame poor Mitt, claiming that he lost because he wasn’t conservative enough. But that’s not what we’re seeing; it looks as if voters are rejecting the right’s whole package, not just the messenger.
From Prof. Krugman's lips to God's ear, as the saying has it. Is it even remotely possible that after a lifetime fighting ever stronger religious fundamentalists, social conservatives, and the "anti's" (anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Asian, anti-Native-American, and most especially, anti-intellectual), my generation at long last is on the threshold, entering a period of some... maybe not much, but some... genuine hope for a measure of sanity in American society?

Hope and vote and work; hope and vote and work...

ASIDE: I wanted a graphic for this post, a symbol of liberalism in its broadest sense. Athena's owl occurred to me, but that bears additional connotations. So I searched Google Images for "liberalism" and found that, while few if any positive icons for liberalism exist, our adversaries have outdone themselves. Indeed, the ratio of negative to positive images associated with liberalism, if you believe Google, is surely a thousand to one. So for the moment we will do without. Apologies for the bare-text post.


  1. I have an idea for a Liberal synbol: The American Flag.



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