Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AFL-CIO's President Trumka Arrested During Hotel Boycott

Michael Whitney of Firedoglake has details; no need for me to repeat them here. Count me as one who believes... strongly... that the nation's long-term survival as a productive economy and a viable community for workers to live in must have an active, aggressive union movement. In pursuit of some very traditional labor issues, e.g., who gets what benefits, unions must engage in dramatic public action; I'm sorry, but polite negotiation at the table simply hasn't done the job. Kudos to Richard Trumka for refusing to back down... it's damned well time unions and their leaders started drawing lines.

Full disclosure: I am a member in good standing of AFM Local 65-699, the local of the musicians' union. I can physically no longer perform, but the nominal fee to belong is both my statement of support and my thanks for the years in which they actually confronted employers on my behalf and that of many other musicians. If anyone tells you unions don't do anything anymore, or we don't need them anymore, point them to the episode in San Francisco. Or have them talk to me.


  1. Damn well right Steve! I am proud to be a member in gopd standing of PCS, the main union for British civil servants

  2. Coming from a coal mining family on my mother's side I can attest to the value unions have brought to the nation. The loss of strong unions has done a lot bring us to where we are today.



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