Monday, January 4, 2010


That was the first word I groaned when I awoke this morning. People are supposed to breathe air, but I don't think they're equipped to breathe this stuff.This morning it's foggy and smoggy and guaranteed to interact unhealthily with the lining of your lungs. The temp isn't supposed to drop until tonight, and this first of at least two freezes this week is supposed to be relatively mild (29°F), but the crap in the air pretty well guarantees that I will be sick from now until then. This is not the post-holiday I had in mind. How's your encounter with "winter"?

Aside to Minnesotans who think we're wimps down here: I'll trade you a day, one of your early winter days for one of our 100°F/100% days. Enjoy drinking your T-shirt!


  1. We were suppose to see 15F last night here in Atlanta but my thermometer says we only got down to 18F. That's plenty cold enough. The good news is that the sun is shining and the air is clean and crisp...well everything is crisp. I have a pot of water simmering on the stove to drive some humidity into the air. I am, not so patiently, waiting for spring.

  2. Fallenmonk, thanks for the reminder... the harpsichord would appeciate that tea kettle from time to time. I've only actually cracked its soundboard once ever; we had a night of 5°F INDOORS that winter... that was running the heating system full-blast, and nothing could have saved the soundboard. Fortunately, the crack was in a survivable location; it didn't dislocate any bridge or nut pins, and best of all, nothing buzzed across the crack. I do wonder what Northern Europeans did in the days before central heat to save their prize instruments.

    It's cold and clear here now; I know because I was out accumulating food for the next few days. As I warm up by typing this, I note that neither fingers nor thumbs work quite correctly. But it feels like the damage is not permanent. We're luckier than you are; tonight is headed only for 28°F... and we're on the south side of the city, where oddly enough the proximity to the coast... only a few miles closer... really does have a protective effect.

    Stay warm; don't freeze off anything you might need later!

  3. I'm "enjoying" a balmy 30° at the moment, as it slides down to a nastier number.

    I remember living in Wichita Falls with an oil refinery on one side of base housing, and a stockyard on the other - your basic lose-lose if a wind deigned to arise that wasn't associated with hail and a tornado. Lovely place.

    If the wind would shift and come off the water, the temperature would leap up, but no indication that that is going to happen anytime soon.

    Living in Southern California is the equivalent of smoking two packs a day. Things are getting a bit better, but some days when the yellow haze was obvious, you just didn't want to go outside. I burned out a lot of air cleaners at my office and apartment in my ten years.

    There's nothing like the tang of ozone in the morning.



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