Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I may not have been inspired; it's not easy to inspire me these days. But I was reminded... and it's a damned good thing... what would have happened to America if McCain had been elected, or if GeeDubya had stuck around past the end of his term. (Hey, I still believe that could have happened.) For all of Obama's shortcomings... for all that he is an Eisenhower Republican... we might have ended up with far, far worse in that office. OK, I've said it, but don't expect me to repeat it. There are, after all, all those civil liberties issues he declined to address... don't get me started.

Obama and I may resume "speaking" if he fires Rahm Emanuel. But nobody... nobody... calls me a "fucking retard," over a mere policy issue, without consequences. It's up to you now, President O.

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