Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bryan Faces Network Difficulties

Bryan of Why Now? reports in  an email a comment on his Internet provider troubles:

OT:Steve, I'm not stuck on an ice floe in the middle of the bayou, but the iguanas with H1bs who power my DSL are all pining for the fjords or something. I have been without a connection since Thursday afternoon, and it looks like Monday night before it might be back on.

Over 100 hours of down time is not exactly professional level service.

I borrowed a Mac on a cable modem, that's how bad it is.
This highfalutin' hi-tech world we supposedly inhabit still apparently contains quite a few people barely able to put on their socks when they find them. I've had an ISP like that in the past; I know just how Bryan feels. Try visiting his place tomorrow.


  1. Honest, Steve... I was going to call out the St. Bernards and send them to look for Bryan -- with the little keg of brandy, of course. Now I see a jug of bandwidth would be more appropriate.

  2. Thank you, Steve, for letting us know. I was getting worried!

  3. @Anya, OWL...

    Anya, I don't know; the way the weather has been, I'm sure the brandy would be appreciated as well!

    OWL, I heard from him only that one time, but at least I am no longer worried that he is lost somewhere between the sand and the snow. I was in this situation during Hurricane Ike... no 'net connection and, for a couple of weeks, no easy way to use someone else's... and I think I have some idea how Bryan feels about it. Now it's Tuesday, and all we can do is hope for the best.

  4. Thanks for letting people know, Steve. I would have posted but I changed my passwords on the site and was obviously typing the current password in wrong as it wouldn't connect.

    As soon as I shift some things around, I'm going to a satellite service. This outage cost me money, and annoyed a client. I can't afford outages like that.



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