Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Two-Cripple Household

What's newly broken around our house?

Stella's patella.

She didn't want me to post a pic of her bandage, or of the scrape on her nose, so you'll have to imagine both. Somewhere in the Texas Medical Center, a well-intended but rushed person, attempting to pass Stella on the sidewalk, knocked her into a fault in the pavement... and down she went.

Given that I usually depend on her to compensate for my mobility limitations, it could be a while before we attempt to imitate Gomez and Morticia's tango... it takes two, they say, and right now, if you're counting people with working legs and feet, we have zero. Wish us a speedy recovery; this is a real pain in the knee and/or foot.


  1. Whoops! This is taking togetherness to a new level. Seriously, I hope you two get mobile quickly. I guess there is no need to tell you not to run with the scissors.

  2. Thanks, fallenmonk. At the moment, I can't even find my favorite kitchen shears, so it is unlikely I will run with them. :-)

  3. Oh dear.

    Can we encourage Stella to sue the pants off the bozo who sideswiped her? Or do I need to drive over to Texas and drive on the sidewalks?

    Patch quickly, both of you!

  4. Ouch! Kneecaps are the pits.

    I wish you the speediest recovery possible, but do not get impatient, because that will extend the process.

    Jams can speak to the joys of getting around with a walker/Zimmer frame and crutches.

    I wish I could help, but I'll send healing thoughts your way.

  5. ellroon - oops... I should have explicitly said "well-intended but rushed PEDESTRIAN." No vehicles were involved, and the pedestrian immediately and fully participated in obtaining emergency care for her. FBOW, Stella went to work today despite my pleas; tonight, she hurts quite a lot. I'm not feeling great myself...

  6. Bryan - thanks; there's nothing (except sending good wishes) that you can do for either of us.

    At least both of us got the minimum tasks accomplished today... well, all except for giving our feet and legs a much-needed rest...

  7. Steve you and Stella have my every sympathy. I hope you are both mobile soon



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