Thursday, January 28, 2010

Very Early Friday Guardian And Observer Blogging

Samantha guards Stella's cane, and keeps an eye on some of her other essential possessions...
Samantha takes guard duty very seriously. She understands what happens if Stella cannot bring her food and litter. Come to think of it, I'm doing a fair amount of cat-feeding and human meal preparation these days. It isn't easy feeding a household of two disabled humans and one lively cat!

Stella and I are in reasonably good spirits considering our physical status. It does grieve me to see how much Stella aches when she walks. But we are told she will experience only 4-6 weeks of this discomfort. (4-6 weeks? Aaaaaaaugggghhh!)


  1. New stuff?

    Cats tend to be very ambivalent about new things introduced into their environment. Liberal cats enjoy the stimulation, while the conservatives object to any change.

    Sam would appear to be an independent swing voter - it's interesting, but what can I do with it?

    The bruising is worse than the break. The bone will knit before the distressed nerves decide to stop annoying you.

    OT: I thanked you earlier for the quote, but that comment apparently got eaten by gnomes.

  2. Bryan, I remember seeing your comment of thanks passing through the email feed I use to keep track, but I don't remember which comment thread you posted it on, and Blogger, for all its decent features, isn't great at helping one locate lost comments. Damn those gnomes, anyway!

    Samantha is about as curious as any cat I've ever known. Even at her advanced age, she has an instinct for exploring everything. Her interest may wane quickly if it's not edible, but hey...

    The cane is the height of irony: Stella bought it for me, thinking I might prefer a single cane to the quad cane I use daily. I didn't, and the cane sat around near the kitchen door (which leads to awful steps) until suddenly Stella found herself in need of it.

    Looking at Stella's injuries does not lead one to recoil in horror; they don't look that bad... but I wince every time I see her take a misstep that puts stress on the injured knee. As one who had a serious knee injury as a youth, I know exactly what that feels like. Ouch!

  3. Ah here the cats are utterly used to the presence of walking sticks now they are part of my daily. On a bright noote they are good for prodding people and choosing your floor in a lift!

  4. Looks like Sam is guarding that cane, so ya'lls don't fall over! Bodhi dog wants some pointers so he can help us!

  5. jams, you've had more than your share of encounters with canes... and worse... recently.

    I don't think I'll be (ahem) raising cane in an elevator to choose a floor; it may surprise you how indifferent, even hostile, some Americans are to "cripples" with mobility problems. For example, I've even had people speed up on the way to a checkout line at the grocery store just so they could be ahead of me in line. I suppose I can't blame them too much; I do take longer to check out. But "beat the cripple" doesn't seem a very civilized or satisfying game to me.

  6. mandt, Samantha is a trooper. Every cat, including Samantha, is dedicated to her food source, but I think Samantha is actually fond of us, and seeks our attention pretty often.

    I don't know your mobility status, but I hope Bodhi dog doesn't need those pointers anytime soon... y'all stay healthy!



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