Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not A Good Day So Far

This was inevitable at some point: I woke up this morning (insert blues riff here) to find that I have the same $%^&* cold that Stella had for about three weeks. The air outside is actually better than it was yesterday... lots of "green" panels in the Houston area page for TCEQ numbers... but I feel a lot worse, throat and sinus alike.

I'd just go back to bed, but we hired our lawn guy (a very bright, capable fellow) to weatherize our house this morning, so I have to stay up awaiting him. Stella has prepared a task list for him, the poor fellow. :-) Most of the essentials are done; the cars have antifreeze, the plants are to be moved into the garage, there's food in the pantry for a few days, and (perhaps most important) the heating system seems to be working fine (crosses fingers). Stella is in "project mode"; she's, ah, quick to respond to anything I say. This, too, shall pass. This morning, the temp is only 31°F  (-1&degC); it could be a lot worse... and Thursday night it's supposed to get a lot worse, with sleet and conditions one would just as soon not go out in.

As I glance around, it looks as if many of you in the South are in similar circumstances. Please feel free to report in in the comments; I'd be glad to hear from you.

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