Saturday, January 2, 2010

HaloScan Soon Gone. HaloScan Soon Gone.

Is there an Echo in here? NO!

This is the day says they'll turn HaloScan off on my old site. Having encountered first JS-Kit's intermediate mess and later JS-Kit's Chaos, um, I mean, Echo on a few friends' blogs, I thought I'd do us all a favor and tell them to go ahead and pull the trigger on that gun they held to my head. I don't appreciate extortion.

I modified the old site so that comment links, at least on the current home page, launch a popup with instructions on how to request a comment from an old post. You're requesting it of a human... me... so be polite. There are a few references to HaloScan still embedded in the code over there; please forgive any oddities you find. I'm not being especially diligent about it; blogs are supposed to have a certain forward motion in time, and I believe my time is better spent on this new one. As I find stuff I can reasonably fix or port, I'll do it, but it's low on the priority list.

With luck, this will be the last ref on this blog to... that commenting system, what was its name?


  1. Avedon is getting nowhere with it, and after John at archy got it up, he decided he hated it.

    The Firefox spelling checker doesn't work in the text box, and it takes a half dozen clicks and a lot of ancillary typing to get it to recognize you.

    Major PITA, even with a limited supply of emoticons.

  2. Bryan, I've had so much trouble with it as a commenter at Mustang Bobby's site that I've taken to commenting always as Anonymous... I have legitimate logins for most of the identifying services on the web, and not one of them succeeds in logging me in to E***. Screw it. Avedon agrees with me that Blogger comments are a minor PITA, but they're nowhere near the PITA that JS-Kit has inflicted upon its customer base... I'll take Blogger any day over that.

  3. Nice to see someone else who considers Haloscan's actions to be "extortion." I have no problem using Blogger's own commenting system, and I've exported all my old Haloscan comments so I'll always have those memories (posts from my Dad and best friend and others who are no longer around).

  4. Hi Elayne! Yes, it is extortion: "Give us your money or the kid (the comment) get it!" Uh-uh; I don't do business that way.

    BTW, You are one of approximately a dozen people whose sites I failed to link when I first put up a blogroll... at approximately 4:30 A.M. on that desperate day. I think... I hope... everybody's on board now; I know you are. Apologies for the delay. I wish I could say you were the only one. (Sigh!)

  5. (I could stand to learn some spelling and grammar, couldn't I!)

  6. haloscan has always hated me for some reason, even from before the time it became js-kit. blogger can be annoying, but it seems to hate me a fraction less.



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