Friday, January 22, 2010

Samantha's Diner

It's not much, says Samantha, but at least I have a roof over my head while I'm eating...

Samantha's shelves are convenient for her humans, and sometimes for her when she feels like "defending" her food: she crawls around behind it, facing outward from the wall, surveying all her bowls and anything going on in the kitchen. I tried hard to get a pic of her in that position, but unfortunately for me, her Noncooperation Clause kicked in at that moment... she had already cooperated with me for as many minutes as her contract required on that day... and I had to make do with this shot.

Does anyone else have cats who manufacture their own wet food? Samantha scoops her prescription dry pellets (who knows how they taste) out of the food bowl and, to the extent possible, into the water bowl (or else she splashes water on the pellets on the floor). I had never seen anything like it before she came along. She prefers commercial wet food (shown above), of course, but her resourcefulness is pretty amazing when she doesn't get the canned stuff.


  1. Your kitty is obviously brilliant. Go Samantha!

  2. That looks like a full service feeding station that Sam has there.

    I have a cat, I don't know which one who moves kibble into the water dish. I occasionally see it floating, but I always find the residue when I wash and refill it. Oddly enough, if I put out moistened kibble, it doesn't get eaten - it's like I'm spoiling the fun.

  3. @ellroon, Bryan...

    ellroon, remember, Samantha also has a sense of humor, and likes to exercise it. :)

    Bryan, Samantha is willing to let Stella do the moistening; indeed, she'll stand meowing in the kitchen while Stella does the work. Only in the absence of human effort does she do it herself.



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