Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FLED - Fox Lies Every Day

Brian Beutler of TPM examines their latest lie: the mob scenes shown as being Wisconsin pro-union "thugs" were in fact shot in Sacramento, CA:


In reality, the long protest in Madison has been remarkably civil. As a testament to that, conservative media outlets are having a hard time finding examples of on-scene violence in Wisconsin that really bring their alternative narrative home. They've even gone so far as to claim their own reporters are under assault when they are not. Indeed, just as they accuse unions of busing in protesters from out of state, they've bussed in out-of-state footage, to make a case that can't be made by the facts.


Notice the B-roll footage in the background at the end of the clip, complete with the calming backdrop of palm trees and....wait there are palm trees in Madison, Wisconsin?

No there are not. But that's because the footage comes from a solidarity protest in Sacramento, CA. ...


This is broadcast by a major media network. We cannot trust Fox not to lie to us about the most basic imaginable facts... such as representing demonstrations that took place in California as taking place in Madison.

Why are these people still permitted to hold a broadcast license?

UPDATE Thu afternoon:  listen to Fox's Mike Tobin, and you'll believe the demonstrators in Wisconsin are rioting and threatening him. No one else is reporting any violence at all in the Wisconsin protests.

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