Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Up Next: Ohio

Kay has been telling us for weeks that a confrontation was brewing in Ohio comparable to the one in Wisconsin... and here it is:

The battle over collective bargaining being fought in Wisconsin is far from over, but even as it rages a new fight is gathering steam in Ohio. For more than a week now, union supporters have gathered around the State Capitol in Columbus to protest Gov. John Kasich's (R) plan to limit collective bargaining rights for more than 300,000 state workers.

On Tuesday, protests reached their largest and loudest yet, according to reports from the ground.

As in Wisconsin, Ohio's new Republican governor isn't backing down. And just as protestors remain in the streets of Madison, so too are they in Ohio. 


Oh, yes! Let's make this an emphatic nationwide NO to the bastard GOPer governors who seem to be eager to balance their budgets on the backs of public employees so they can give huge tax breaks to their wealthy masters.

Now if only Texas had a public employees' union...

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