Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mesothelioma Blog

Barbara of The Mahablog (see blogroll) has requested that I add the Mesothelioma Center News blog (again, see blogroll), on which she also writes. Mesothelioma ("asbestos cancer") is a worthy subject in itself, but the blog also has many good posts on related subjects with clear political content. For example, at the moment, there are several posts on the faux Social Security "crisis" contrived by GOPers and Obama Democrats trying to assert, falsely, that Social Security is going broke... so they can hand it to Wall Street, of course. Please take a look; it's well worth your time.

UPDATE: the Blogger blogroll tool and the Mesothelioma site apparently have agreed in a perverse way to make a forcible change of the blog URL, which is...
to a news page on the same site,
... a page with completely different and largely nonpolitical content.

I have encountered similar problems before. There is no manual way to force the Blogger blogroll tool to show the proper URL. I am contemplating removing the entry altogether. Damn, I hate technology sometimes.

UPDATE:  It's a good thing I was a programmer before I was forcibly retired. It means that I knew to look for a wholly different tool, a different widget, to accomplish more or less the same thing... without the overwhelming invasiveness and defectiveness of Blogger's "BlogList" widget. The blogroll now has correct URLs whenever they are known, because with the new widget, they can be pasted in manually. (There are still some broken links. Those are not my fault; some sites have disappeared, and I need to clean that up... separately.)

I found a conversation between some poor schmuck and an even more schmucky Blogger staffer, consisting of about a dozen exchanged posts, all giving useless advice on exactly the problem I was suffering. Of course there was no resolution: the damned original widget is fucking broken. Blogger is free, and definitely you get your money's worth.

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