Friday, March 4, 2011

HA! Indiana Secretary Of State (R) Indicted For Voter Fraud

You know how I've often said how difficult it is to commit voter fraud, how likely one is to get caught and how practically no one attempts it because there's no profit (financial or political) in doing so? Well, Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) has been indicted on seven felony counts, including voter fraud!

Secretary of State Charlie White, the top election official in Indianapolis, is facing seven felony counts, including voter fraud, perjury and theft, all connected to what a prosecutor said was an attempt to hold on to his seat on the town council even though he was living outside of his designated district.

White was indicted by a grand jury in Hamilton County on three counts of voter fraud for allegedly lying about his address when he voted in last year's Republican primary, the Courier-Journal reports. In addition he's facing charges of perjury, fraud on a financial institution (for lying about his address) and theft for keeping the salary he received as a member of his town council after he moved out of his designated district.


After he got divorced in 2007, White updated his voter registration when he moved into an apartment in the same district (as he was serving on his town council). He moved back into his ex-wife's home in February 2009 and began splitting his time between his ex-wife's home and a newly purchased condo outside of his district, according to reports.

Then in February of 2010, White changed switched his address back to his ex-wife's address on his voter registration because he said he was unsure when he would close on his new home. He reportedly blamed his busy schedule for his failure to switch his voter registration to reflect his new condo's address.

Aw, c'mon. You know if he had a (D) after his name, he'd be nabbed for this, and convicted, so quickly it would make his head spin. As it is, the probe of his actions has been in the works since October.

As one who has great reservations about the traditional use of geographically defined districts in electing officials, not to mention the confusion introduced by all the gerrymandering decade to decade mostly by Republans in attempts to force majority-R districts, I'd be willing to cut White some slack. But clearly the D.A. thinks he can make the charges stick... and the irony of a Republan actually charged with their favorite accusation against Democrats is just too sweet.

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