Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NYT Once Again Overestimates Its Own Value

... limiting access to nonsubscribers by number of articles per month. In their overwhelming magnanimity, their highnesses have granted us one boon: Links through blogs to NYT articles will still be free. If they expect many such links, they are once again inflating their own worth.

What is it with conservatives, anyway? Their arrogance is breathtaking. There are hundreds of thousands of news sources on the web, the vast majority supporting themselves on advertising revenue or (in the case of nonprofits) reader donations. Does NYT see itself as somehow unique? or is this just the beginning of a trend? Today, in the worst economy since the 1930s, the NYT suddenly decides to start charging people for what they can get for free from other sources. Good luck with that!

So be it. In our times, I can live without the Times.

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